Grey For Now Games

Grey For Now Games is a design company run by Graham Davey, producing tabletop miniatures and board games!

Grey For Now Games is run by Graham Davey, lead writer of the game. A few of you might know my name from past stuff - Room 17 Games, Warlord Games, Battle Games in Middle-Earth or even White Dwarf (if you're as old as me!). I’ve taken the slightly terrifying step of forging out on my own, with the goal of taking this game to even greater heights!

Grey For Now consists of just me, however I've had loads of help... Special thanks must go to Andy Hobday, Rob for the sculpts, Carmen for the art, Jez, Matt, Keiran and the trusty playtester group, my ever patient family, plus of course everyone who has played and supported Test of Honour.

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