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Hello, my name is Clute and like most artists, I have been making art for as long as I was able to hold a crayon or shape play-doh. Growing, up I have always been fascinated with fantasy and science fiction so tabletop gaming, video games, animation and comic books have long been an inspiration for making art. During my teens and adult life, I was obsessed with tabletop games and was constantly drawing characters for the games I played and ran. However, like many gamers, life and work responsibilities as well as moving away from my gaming friends made reigniting or continuing campaigns difficult so my books and miniatures began to collect dust.

Years went by however I continued to make character art for those tabletop sessions even while pursuing my BFA in Illustration and working as a concept artist and animator for video games. As much as I love video games and fine art, nothing inspired me to create quite like those sessions around the table with a group of friends, a handful of dice and a box of prisma-color pencils. When my friends started asking if I could play and run tabletop games again, I dusted off the miniatures, cracked open the books and started world building again. Miniatures have always been a large part of our tabletop sessions, but I struggled to find or kit bash miniatures that looked exactly like my illustrations.

When 3D printers became accessible, I started to play around with skills I had developed in traditional sculpture and I was hooked. I am finally able to bring the same personality and details of the characters in my stories from a 2-dimensional illustration to a finely crafted 3D sculpture at any scale I desired.

These miniatures are my love letter to the games that inspired me to create worlds and stories for the characters my friends and I developed over 3 decades and counting. Thank you for taking the time to escape into fantasy with me and I hope these creations make their way to your next epic adventure.

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Epic Adventure Miniatures: Infernal Heroes
3D printable STL Files and physical miniatures of playable infernal heritage fantasy characters for your next tabletop adventure.
Setting: Fantasy
Miniature, 3d print
July 2021, Mission Viejo, CA, US

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