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My name is Ivo, I am a 3D sculptor and I want to make this my main job.

My goal is to create great accessible miniatures for tabletop games or painting. My current focus is 32mm scale fantasy miniatures Warcraft-inspired and 3D models difficult to find.

Every month I will sculpt 3-4 miniatures (this number can increase with the number of patrons) at a scale of 32mm for my patrons to print at home. My monthly sculpt cycle is from the 20th day of the month until the 20th day of the following month. Miniatures produced on the 20th until the last day will be delivered on the next month and, every other miniature will be released as soon as they are ready. It's in my plans to make 75mm miniature but those will be asked in a poll and I will not make one every month because it takes time.

Sculpt Theme:

I sculpt miniatures based on themes, those themes are picked by my Patreon community, depending on the size of the theme it can take 1-3 months to finish.
When the current theme is almost at the end, I will make a poll with 10 theme options for patrons to vote on what they like the most. This poll will contain detailed info on each theme, telling about my ideas, the number of miniatures, and duration. Patrons can also propose their own ideas at any time for me. If it makes sense for the theme I can add to it or I can add it in a further poll.

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