Knucklebones Miniatures

I have been sculpting digitally for a couple of years now. Mainly as a hobby and creative outlet. Quite a few people have asked if they can get hold of my creations anywhere and one of my main aims with creating is to be able to share my work so that it’s out there for people to enjoy.

At the moment sharing things digitally with a little bit of financial support for resin and bits and bobs via Patreon seems to be working for me.

Through becoming a Patron you will gain access to the files I have produced over time and my new creations going forward. Each month I will be adding items from my back catalog and sculpting new creations as I explore different themes. The things I produce tend to leap between different genres depending on my whims. I can’t and won't promise sculpts from certain genres each month. The Patreon is essentially access to a bunch of minis and sculpts that fit into various worlds.

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