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We here at Lazy Squire Games are dedicated to creating quality games that are immersive, strategic and, most of all, fun. We’ve worked behind the scenes on several board game Kickstarter campaigns and we believe we are ready to strike out on our own and bring our exciting ideas to your tabletop. I hope you join us on our next campaign, but even if you don’t, I want you to remember our goofy name, because we’re just getting started.

Lazy Squire Games exists to create games and help other creators succeed with their game-related Kickstarter campaigns. We recently assisted Ninja Division with their Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures campaign and Shinobi 7 with their Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers campaign.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Lazy Squire Games

Stormsunder: Heirs of Ruin
A story-based solo/cooperative RPG board game for 1-4 players with stunning miniatures, an epic adventure and exciting combat.

February 2020, Herndon, VA, US
Wild Assent - Survive the Arena and Tame the Wilds
A 1-4 player board game with solo/cooperative and PvP game modes, beautiful miniatures and thrilling gameplay.
Setting: Fantasy
October 2018, Herndon, VA, US

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