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Sean Sutter is a California based artist and owner of Metal King Studio. He is six feet two inches tall and wears a mustache. Sean Sutter is the creator of Relicblade, a miniature tabletop battle game. He does all of the illustration, game design, and sculpture for Relicblade. Creating miniature wonders is his jam. He works hard and drinks lots of coffee. He is generally happy, and believes in peace.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Metal King Studio

Relicblade: Storms of Kural
Relicblade: Two-Player Battle Set! A party-based tactical fantasy miniature game.
Setting: Fantasy
June 2020, Napa, CA, US
Relicblade: The Moldorf Expedition and Others
Fantasy tabletop miniature game for 2 to 4 players. Lead dwarven explorers, wild-elf sentinels, and more on wondrous adventures.
Setting: Fantasy, Horror
November 2018, Napa, CA, US
Relicblade: The Wretched Hive Fantasy Miniature Game
Two new Relicblade Factions. Employ cruel denizens of a dangerous Wretched Hive, or ally yourself with the outlandish Wilderkin.
Setting: Fantasy
October 2017, Davis, CA, US
Relicblade: Bone and Darkness Fantasy Miniatures Game
Enter the realms of Relicblade with two new factions! Make a dark pact with a sinister new evil, or join the heroic Lone Guard.
Setting: Fantasy
October 2016, Davis, CA, US
Relicblade: Adventure Battle Miniatures Game
Players command a party of brave heroes or brutal monsters as they battle to claim magical relics of the ancient world. Relic Blade
Setting: Fantasy, 30mm
February 2016, Davis, CA, US

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