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Untold numbers of hobbyists, worldwide, have for years shared their devotion for miniature figures. Specifically crafted for a hand-painted finish, these figurines eventually become prized collectors’ items and are even shown in museums around the world.

Midnight Miniatures aims to offer enthusiasts the chance to buy, assemble, paint and collect resin scale models. In order to ensure a quality finished product, at Midnight Miniatures we will work with some of the industry’s top names. Also, we entrust the casting process to one of the most prestigious casting company, GRX Créations.

Midnight Miniatures strives to be regarded as a highly innovative and prestigious brand: one that customers will find synonymous with unique, top-of-the-range, quality products. We value that our catalog be renowned not just for the variety and distinguishing singularity of its products but, also, for being a genuinely legitimate source of miniatures.

Our website provides customers with a highly user-friendly environment where to browse through our catalog, ask questions and securely purchase our products. In addition, our presence on all the major social networks and at both trade fairs and industry events guarantees direct contact with customers and a chance to keep the public up to date on recent company news and activities.

We hope this new adventure last a long time, as this will always be thanks to you.

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