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Oakbound harks back to a bygone era of gaming. Not just when figures were heavier, smaller and more characterful but to a time before gaming was big corporate business. A time when groups of friends and small companies worked together to create the magic that graced the tabletops of the world. We want to collaborate as much as possible with other small, independent companies to produce diverse games that encourage creativity, story telling and the DIY hobby experience of generations past.

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Crowd Funding Projects from Oakbound Studio

The Goblignomic Wars- 28mm fantasy wargaming figures
Oakbound presents a new range of Gnome and Goblin folklore fantasy gaming miniatures for tabletop skirmishes, battles and roleplaying.
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
November 2018, Bristol, UK, GB
Factious Waste: printed rulebook for miniature skirmish game
In the not-so-distant future gangs fight for survival in this strategic skirmish game. Narrative campaigns grow and develop your gangs.
Setting: Fantasy 30mm
March 2018, Bristol, UK, GB
Factious Waste: Post-apocalyptic miniatures skirmish game (Canceled)
Oakbound Studio present a 28mm tabletop skirmish with a twist. Across the wastes the rigs come roaring, will you step aboard?
Setting: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Steampunk, Pulp 28mm
October 2017, Bristol, UK, GB
Legends of British Steampunk: roleplay & wargames miniatures
The cream of the Empire spring to life on your laboratory table ready to venture forth in the name of the Queen, God bless her! Hussah!
Setting: Steampunk 35mm
November 2015, Bristol, UK, GB
Folk from the Oakbound Woods 28mm Celtic roleplay miniatures
A set of quirky and characterful, old-school roleplaying figures accompanying Oakbound's The Woods, fully compatible with 28mm systems.
Setting: Fantasy 28mm
August 2014, Bristol, UK, GB

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