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Founded in 2008 Red Box Games is a company devoted to the manufacture of high quality 28 mm table top miniatures. For now the line consists entirely of Traditional Old School Euro medieval Fantasy themed figures btu who knows what the future holds?!

My name is Tre Manor. I am sculptor of miniature figurines. I also, with A LOT of help from my darling wfe Kristy, administer the running of the Red Box Games business. We contract with long established and proven capable companies for the actual production of our molds and castings but we handle the actual processing and fulfillment of your orders.

We are originally from central Mississippi but we currently reside in Greenville, South Carolina. Our family loves living in this area. My Wife and I have two children, both boys Noah and Ian aged 12 and 9 respectively. We enjoy martial arts ( Kali, Derobio Eskrima, Silat, Muay Thai ) and hiking and generally being together as a family.

I founded Red Box Games ( I often refer to my company as RBG for brevity ) in August of 2008 seeking to make a living out of sculpting miniatures, and to follow my muses as they sang, and make the most out of my abilities. It has not always been a smooth road but I would have it no other way. I enjoy the challenge of making my own way and I truly enjoy creating awesome figurines.

Fantasy is my current and long standing specialty but I do plan to venture out in to other genres in the coming years.

As a company Red Box Games produces an ever expanding line of finely detailed, meticulously sculpted true 32mm scale fantasy figurines designed based on the aesthetics of classic Western European myth and fable. RBG is known for a particularly " historical " plausibility in the design of the various fantasy figures in the ranges of our catalogue. It is my aim as an artist to represent as many of the fantasy archetypical characters as possible in the most consistently scaled and aesthetically cohesive range of miniatures on the market. I look to the aesthetics of " old school " Dungeosn and Dragons as the guidepost for my designs and try to keep plausibility of character at the forefront of every effort.

RBG adventurers carry packs and rope, and potions, frying pans, spare weapons, bedrolls, and water skins and lanterns. RBG elves are smaller and slighter than Humans. RBG dwarves are half the height of men, often strong and stout, but as varied as men themselves. RBG Halflings are the slightly shorter and slimmer cousins of dwarves. RBG monsters are held to equally the same standard of plausibility without losing their frightening monstrous nature.

I mentioned " true 32 " as the scale for RBG. Do not let that scare you. It is NOT as big as it may be thought to be. There is MUCH confusion about what scale is in the miniatures industry. Truth be told almost no company has a cohesive consistent scale and certainly there are no contemporary ranges that are actually 28 mm by any stretch of the imagination. I do not make RBG figures with the intention that they fit with any other range available. I make the figures in the most consistent measurements that i can manage so that all RBG figures look " right " together as a group.

My measures are made from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head and then the armature is posed into whatever height it ends up being. I try to keep the proportions of the bodies on my figures as close to being realistic as possible. obviously they cannot be perfectly realistic as true life like proportion would render almost imperceptibly fine details or high fragile objects. The end result of my style is that RBG figures are roughly the same height of the average " heroic 28 sculpt " ( humans anyway ) but have less bulky and exaggerated proportions and features.

The various armature heights of the various ranges in the RBG catalogue are as follows;

half elves....................28-32
half orcs......................28-40

Please note that the poses mitigate the overall height of the figures so some figures posed heights may be as short as 25mm but their actual standing height would measure 36 tall if they stood straight up. Please see below few examples of RBG minis next to a standard sized gaming dice for scale reference.

We are VERY glad to have everyone along for the journey as we develop Red Box Games as both a business and a community within the wonderful table top gaming world. It is my sincere honor to populate the theater of your imagination.

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Warbands of the Cold North VI
Beautiful Old School fantasy, Norse themed miniatures for table top gaming. Cast in high quality white metal.
Setting: Fantasy
January 2022, Madison, MS, US
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April 2019, Brandon, MS, US
Warbands of Wrath and Ruin
a fantastic new range of sword and sorcery fantasy 28mm metal miniatures. Barbarians, Empirials, Undead, Mutants, Beastmen, and more!
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
September 2018, Brandon, MS, US
Warbands of Wrath and Ruin (Canceled)
Red Box Games presents!! Sword and Sorcery fantasy 28mm RESIN miniature barbarians and more!!
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
September 2018, Brandon, MS, US
Hordes of the Auld World - Orcs and Goblins (Canceled)
Red Box Games fantasy Orcs and Goblins miniatures in plastic!
Setting: Fantasy
August 2018, Brandon, MS, US
Red Box Games miniatures - Warbands of the Cold North VI
28mm scale fantasy Vikings, Warriors and Wizards!
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
February 2018, Brandon, MS, US
Warbands of the Cold North V ; 28 mm dwarf miniatures
fantastic 28mm scale metal miniatures! Dwarves, Elves, Goblins!!
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
July 2017, Simpsonville, SC, US
Warbands of the Cold North IV Red Box Games 28mm miniatures
Red Box Games, amazing fantasy 28mm scale miniatures; knights, wizards, thieves, thugs, rangers, apprentices and priests.
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
May 2017, Greenville, SC, US
Warbands of the Cold North III
Finely sculpted 28mm Classic Fantasy metal and resin miniatures perfectly themed for use as a warband or adventuring party.
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
October 2016, Simpsonville, SC, US
Warbands of the Cold North II Epic Fantasy Viking Miniatures
Epic Fantasy miniatures in white METAL. Vikings, barbarians, valkyries,Warbands of the Cold North; Epic Viking 28mm miniatures
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
March 2016, Greenville, SC, US
Warbands of the Cold North; Epic Viking 28mm miniatures
Epic Fantasy miniatures in high quality plastic. Vikings, barbarians, valkyries, berserkers, undead, mystics and monsters!
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
February 2016, Greenville, SC, US
Barbarian Hordes by Red Box Games
Fantasy miniatures of exceptional quality. Heroes and Horrors. A small company with big ideas, proven ability, and proven dedication.
Setting: Fantasy
February 2015, Greenville, SC, US
Red Box Games Heroic Fantasy Miniatures
Fantasy miniatures of exceptional quality. Heroes and Horrors. A small company with big ideas, proven ability, and tested dedication.
Setting: Fantasy
October 2014, Brandon, MS, US
Barbarian horde miniatures
Please help Red box games to fund the production of a new set of Fantasy Barbarian hordesmen and their Powerful Heroes!
Setting: Fantasy
June 2014, Brandon, MS, US
Red Box Games Norse Warrior Miniatures
please help fund the production of 6 new Norse Warrior character miniatures

January 2014, Brandon, MS, US
Red Box Games Dwarves, and Goblins, and Orcs Oh MY!!
Help fund the development of new items in several different ranges of the Red Box Games Fantasy miniatures!
Setting: Fantasy, 40mm
May 2013, Brandon, MS, US
Red Box Games Miniatures (Canceled)
help fund the retool and development of the Red Box Games Miniatures line!
Setting: Fantasy, 40mm
January 2013, Brandon, MS, US
Red Box Games' Fantasy Miniatures!!!
Fund the retool from metal to plastic of several items and sets!
Setting: Fantasy, 28mm
July 2012, Brandon, MS, US

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