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I am Jacob, I'm a 3d sculptor that enjoys playing fantasy based tabletop games with my friends from time to time. In fact tabletop games was the reason that I got myself involved with 3D printing. Months later that I've bought my first printer I realised that the 3D models I was sculpting for me and my friends could also help others to craft their own worlds. That idea got stuck in my head for months but I couldn't pull the trigger and post my work. I thought that it wasn't good enough and that nobody would care. I finally decided to do it thanks to the help and encouregment of my close ones. From that time I've encountered nothing but support, kind words and experienced the joy and excitement from many of you that are also very passionated about this hobby.

For your support, for sharing your joy and grattitude I've improve a lot on my sculpting and for that I ow you. That is why I'm compromised to give my very best in order to keep learning and improving my work in order to deliver high quality fantasy based miniatures for everyone to enjoy.

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