Ronin Art Workshop

Ronin Arts Workshop is the studio founded by Hector Moran, AKA SculptorHec, or just Hec. Our core members also include Alejandro Castiblanco, Leander (Leo) Pokorny, and Johannes (Jaques) Salvenmoser. Hec has made full range of miniature sets for games like Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game, Ghostbusters x Men In Black, and others. For more than three years Hec, Cas, and Leo have worked together on making the full range of miniatures for board games like Darksiders: Forbidden Lands, Mortal Kombat: The Miniatures Game, Dragon Prince: Battlecharged, and more. Now with help of our narrative designer, Jaques, and a range of great concept artists it’s time to bring directly to you the full spectrum of creations that RAW can realize.

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