The Mighty Brush

I’m Luther and this is The Mighty Brush.

I first got into The Hobby when I was about 13. I was visiting a friend’s house after school and he had a few RT-era Space Marines – Blood Angels Space Wolves to be exact. The synapses in my brain exploded – I was in love! I went to a Games Workshop store with him and got myself the old Imperial Space Marines boxed set and some paints. Not knowing what I was doing, I proceeded to cover everything with Blood Angels Orange – straight from the pot. No primer, no base coat, no nothing! Needless to say they looked awful, and being somewhat impatient I drifted away from the Hobby.

Some ten years later I had a nasty accident and nearly severed my left hand. This was a bit of a bummer as I was left-handed. The clever doctors at Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge managed to reattach the bone, tendons and nerves and I began a long course of occupational and physio therapy to relearn how to use my left hand – and learn to write, draw and do pretty much everything else with my right hand. As part of my rehabilitation I decided to get some more models and have another go at painting. I got myself some scouts and a Furisoso Dreadnought. This time I learned a bit more about painting beforehand and made a reasonable job of them. This time I stuck at it and have been honing my skills now for many years. I still have very little feeling in my left thumb, index and fore fingers, and I can’t bring my thumb right across my hand, however I can now paint with both hands which can be handy for getting just the right angle with the brush!

On this website you’ll find pictures of my various painting projects, as well guides, resources and products to help you in your own Hobby adventures.

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