We feel like crazy scientists

We release a new bundle each month with exclusive miniatures. All miniatures 32mm scale, fully pre-supported and print tested.

We are passionate designers, our goal is to create amazing 3D models for tabletop RPG games. We feel like crazy scientists in a laboratory, creating all sorts of monstrosities to release against unsuspecting adventurers. If you love insanely detailed and exclusive miniatures to paint or to use in your games.

Rethink, redesign and recreate. These are the three words we keep in our minds when we are creating. We'll rethink creatures and make experiments. We'll look at the same old monsters in different angles and redesign them. We'll recreate an innocent creature into a deadly horror. We are a Lab and our duty is to never stop trying to reach greatness, a deadly greatness. Support us, Join our Tribe.

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First set: 4 October 2021
Last update: 14 June 2022
Next update: ~ Never (we think)

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