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Welcome to my Tribes! I release 10-20 miniatures every month that vary from sci-fi to fantasy. Some will be a themed set, and others will be assorted player characters that I make as commissions. The themed miniatures are announced the month before they are released. All miniatures are available for 2 months with a Tribes subscription, and will be released for individual purchase on my MMF store at the end of the month they release. All STLs are PRESUPPORTED before the end of their release month by Tableflip Foundry for easy printing! If you are interested in joining, the rewards can be seen below!

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Crowd Funding Projects from Velrock Art

Curious Critters of Whimsy Isle
A set of 20+ pre-supported magical miniature STLs plus additional stretch goals including homebrew 5E races/classes and an adventure!

Miniature, 3d print
April 2022, Plano, TX, US
Velrock Art Miniatures: Company of Dragons
A set of Dragon themed miniatures for 3D printing, for any RPG! Launching November 1st with 14 pre-supported miniatures + stretch goals
Setting: Fantasy
November 2021, Dallas, TX, US