The Aeldari (the term for themselves before their race fell) or Eldar are an ancient race of elf-like humanoids. Once they dominated the Galaxy but are currently a dying race. After the Fall of the Eldar they lost their main homeworlds and are currently scattered among the stars and webway in different factions and allegiances. The Asuryani inhabit planetoid-sized vessels known as Craftworlds. The Drukhari inhabit an ancient city within the Webway known as Commoragh. The Exodites inhabit verdant Maiden Worlds, and the other Aeldari travels the galaxy as outcasts, renegades, corsairs, and pirates known as Anhrathe, and several other groups and sub-groups exist throughout the galaxy.
Craftworld Eldar or Eldar of the Stars, have armies, that make use of specialist warriors, known as Aspect Warriors and a wide range of specialized vehicles. They reside aboard vast ships known as Craftworlds, and transverse the galaxy use a network of extra-dimensional tunnels known as the Webway. Each Craftworld possesses its own heritage, history, and even goals. While some Craftworlds may be reclusive in nature, others are known to have gained notoriety.
The Ynnari (or The Reborn) are the members of a newly formed eponymous Eldar group that worship the God Ynnead and believe their race can be saved from the depredation of Slaanesh by helping to bring about the birth of the slumbering god of the dead.

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