Bounty Hunters

Not truly a faction to speak of, being a Bounty Hunters of Samaria takes a special type of person looking to make a name for themselves. Enjoying a life apart from the military chain of command in exchange for having to track, fight and possibly kill any manner of target for a paying customer, Bounty Hunters are professional warriors hailing from all walks of life. These lethal loners are among the best hired guns, blades, fists and even bombs the battlefield has seen – and they don’t answer to anyone but their current employing paycheck!

Lucky LEUnlike the armies they so often work for, the Bounty Hunters are individually unique and do things their own way. There is nothing quite like seeing the paired killers Nathaniel and Orchid swirling in their violent waltz of bullets and blades, or the stealthy namesake murders by the hand of the formerly nomadic Blades. Lucky’s smiling face brightens a battle as her flare gun sets her target ablaze, as the unlikely duo of Phadras and Maximo lure theirs close enough to be smashed flat. New hunters appear in the world all the time, always ready to take on clients when and where their talents are called upon – for a price.

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