Eureka’s new 28mm Conquistadores are an important addition to our growing Mesoamerican ranges, and allow the gamer to build a wide range of generic Conquistador or Spanish colonial armies between the late 1490’s and beyond 1550. These Spanish adventurers are particularly suitable for the later campaigns against the Incas and Mayans, as well as defending colonial outposts in Florida and the West Indies.

The principal soldier type of the Conquistador armies was the sword and buckler man, and we have included a good variety of these figures in the range, with additional visual interest being provided by a random selection of separate shields of different shapes and designs. The swordsmen can be supplemented with the odd Halberdier, and firepower should be provided by a solid representation of crossbowmen – with perhaps a few firearms to impress the natives! And if that doesn’t impress them, there’s always the option of some artillery. However, it was the horse that made the greatest impression on peoples like the Aztecs, and we’ve not forgotten the all-important cavalry, mounted on their ‘supernatural’ beasts.

As always with our ranges, there are officer, standard bearer, and drummer figures, ably assisted by a priest who seems very keen to teach the heathen locals the ‘benefits’ of 16th Century Christendom. For a little extra period feel, we’ve added a personality figure of La Malinche, the controversial conduit of information between Cortez and Motecuhzoma II, and finally - a pack of attack dogs with their handler.

We are continuing to expand our ranges in this period, and future additions will include Tlaxcalans, Yucatan Maya, and Tupi.

Here are the catalogue details for the new miniatures – and details of our New Release Special Offer.

Designed & sculpted by John Jenkins
Number in parenthesis denotes the number of variants. Variants are supplied randomly

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