Kaiser's Palace

Of all the RUMBLESLAM casinos, Kaiser’s Palace holds decadence and entertainment highest. A fine building carved of smooth stone and intricate marble, it is the very vision of civilised grace.Every night at Kaiser’s brings a new and exciting event involving wrestlers and superstars in and outside the ring. Tavern’s famous drinking contest saw countless customers drink themselves into unconciousness in an attempt to best the sturdy dwarf. The Greek frequently holds contests where customers can fight him to their heart’s content. To this day, he is undeafeated but still people take a shot in the hopes they might be the first to break his streak!Some of RUMBLESLAM’s greatest make up their roster: Statesman, Triple D and the ever popular Ronnie Salvage are among the most sought after wrestlers in the business. Kaiser’s Palace also hosts a wrestling academy to promote the growth and future of RUMBLESLAM. Every day new wrestlers and future superstars leave the academy with dreams of joining one of the home teams: The Heavy Pounders and The Runic Thunder. Dreams are said to be made at Kaiser’s and legends are forged in their ring.

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