Occasionally other creatures in the wilds of western Immoren are caught up in the bloody struggles of the region. Some are individuals seeking to profit from warfare and strife. Others are small groups of tribal creatures willing to offer their strength of arms to others, whether in return for protection or supplies or simply to preserve their home territories from enemies. Events can sweep up these minor players against their will as they are captured, enslaved, or coerced into doing the bidding of those who are more numerous or powerful.

Whatever their concerns or motivations, minions bring tremendous versatility to their sponsors. Swamp gobbers bring the inventive alchemy of their fog bellows to cloak allies in concealing mist. Rugged farrow brigands offer rifles and clubs for hire and seem willing to take the brunt of enemy assaults. Gatormen are among the most vicious and deadly warriors in the region, with a combination of physical prowess and tough, scaled hides. Bog trogs emerge from the wetlands wielding cruelly effective barbed hooks and take advantage of their natural camouflage to ambush and surprise the enemy.

In addition, certain strong-willed individuals willing to lend a helping hand to one or another of the HORDES groups often join the fray. These include the famed monster hunter Alten Ashley, an expert shot with a tremendous rifle affectionately named Bucking Jenny. Although he claims to be a mercenary at heart, Alten is most interested in hunting big game and will side with anyone who offers that opportunity. Another is the surly and antisocial dwarf Brun Cragback, a mountain fighter from Rhul whose constant companion both in and out of battle is an armored bear named Lug. Some of these individuals do not care for whom they work, like Gudrun, the fatalistic ogrun who loses himself in drunken binges when the fates conspire to keep him alive. Whatever their reasons for offering their assistance, these fighters possess unique skills that can be used by their allies to turn the tide of otherwise desperate battles.

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