Ork Fleet

Ork fleets will harry any ships in the Gothic Sector which they encounter with enormous Kill Kroozers, vicious Terror Ships, powerful Savage Gunships and typically Orky Brute Ramships! Assemble your fleet and take to the stars, the Waaagh! begins here!!!

Orks are not the greatest space-faring race in the galaxy. Their ships are often ill-kempt, unreliable rust buckets kept in operation only by the constant efforts of Ork Mekboyz and their Gretchin slaves. They make great use of salvaged hulks and their largest vessels are often refitted space hulks that providentially drift out of the Warp near an Ork world. Ork pirate attacks are brutally direct, with their ships rushing headlong towards their target, guns firing wildly as they come. Unfortunately, Ork ships are exceedingly heavily armed for their size, so this tactic is harder to defeat than might be imagined.

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