What dark, what terrible abomination... lie in wait for, harass, destroys... hundreds of children, all of them lost their families during the first Zenit wars. I found them hidden in the amazing Traveling Forest of the Glauks, crouched and lying in wait for, like the beast that turned them into what they are.

Their skinny bodies stagnant in childhood hide their fierceness, their eagerness for blood, because they consider everybody their enemies, and they have all the time in the world to destroy them. Because theirs is the power to deceive time, yes... to twist it until stopping it forever between the branches of the trees, and to turn it into a weapon at their service. Disguised as insects, turning into legends and old grandma tales, The Orphans hide in the shadows of their forests and wait to see the backs of their opponents... of their prey... to attack with a mortal sting.

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