Red Scorpions

The Red Scorpions are a Space Marine Chapter of unknown origin.
The origins of the Red Scorpions Chapter are unknown. No records remain of the chapter's founding or from which Space Marine Legion their geneseed was first taken. This secrecy has led to some of the Imperium's hierarchy questioning the loyalty of a chapter that keeps its history secret and holds itself answerable to the Emperor alone. Despite this, the chapter assists wherever it can, carrying out thousands of relief missions. It is known, however, that the chapter has existed for at least 5,000 years.
The Chapter is noted for the purity of geneseed tithes which is heavily tied to its fanatical belief in purity, in deed and thought as well as physically. The Red Scorpions consider the Codex Astartes as religious scripture, and their chapter organization closely follows codex standards.

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