I have never thought that I was going to fight such a strange and wild beauty in the inhospitable jungles of Miter; I have never thought that such beings so adapted to the suffocating monsoons, to the dark caves, to the merciless beasts threatening behind each trunk, each root, within the sharp leaves. Their hard and tough skins seem to iridesce with each change of light; their eyes penetrate the obscurity and endure the most blinding dawn; their muscles tense and move with the precision of a machine However, one cannot be mislead by its exoticism or be over-confident of their small size, for the Rocavivas are as deadly as efficient.

Skilled in metallurgy and in the alchemical mixtures, they hide a secret from me with great zeal; I think it is related to their males, for I have not seen any male representative of such an odd race...They do not need them... when they jump into the combat blowing their huge blades, adorned to increase their size, they are more deadly than many of the most muscular and wildest Morlakos; moreover, the wild and powerful voices of their Queen of the War breaks the air as a thunder...

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New Miniatures from Rocavivas