Rolling Bones

The only way to describe Rolling Bones is “free-for-all”. There are very few rules, which makes the casino all the more enjoyable. Fights break out frequently between gamblers, fans, and even the staff! Although that’s to be expected when the bouncers are orcs and the bartenders are zombies.There are no limits at this casino and anything can be used as currency, even the gambler’s body or soul. Cages hand from the front of the colossal building containing those poor gamblers who lost everything, their lives becoming property of the casino.Customers don’t come to Rolling Bones for luxury though, they come to gamble in its halls and witness the supernatural events that occur as ghosts and werewolves wander the creaking fortress. Above all else, people come to enjoy the brutal wrestling that goes on inside. Grave Digger, Gun and Orkish are among many superstars to call Rolling Bones home. The ever-popular Green Bruisers provide savage matches, and the Crypthorn Nightmares’ roster changes night to night depending on what has been dug up.

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