The Feral Den

The outer appearance of the Feral Den leaves much to the imagination, with strange holes dug into a mountain of soil, and ancient crooked trees leading to the main entrance.The sounds of fighting ring out constantly as alpha creatures battle for dominance both in and out of the ring. The stinking, primordal battlefield of a ring hosts a number of RUMBLESLAM’s most potent and dangerous wrestlers and is the go-to venue for hardcore matches. Power and aggression are commonplace in the Feral Den with monsters like Great Jaw and Rottergut roaming free. With such incredible superstars, it is no wonder the casino is consistently busy. The casino owners are said to work their wrestlers hard, keeping the members of The Raging Beasts locked up between matches. The savage Furry Fury are known to sneak about the network of tunnels inside, so customers are warned to always travel in groups.Despite the stench and disgusting staff, there are three main reasons to visit the den: cheap drinks, strong opponents and matches full of ferocious energy.

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