The Forest Soul

The Forest Soul casino epitomises the splendour of nature. A vast stone temple left untouched for countless millennia, this proud location travels deep underground. It is said that the forerunners of RUMBLESLAM wrestled atop its apex, the winner throwing opponents from the peak as a sacrifie to the gods. Today, the rituals have been replaced with the splendour of a lively casino.Customers visit for the harmony and serenity found within. The Forest Soul hosts a spa with relaxing mud baths and natural hot springs, staffed by magical sprites and primal creatures. Any littering or animal cruelty is dealt with using extreme prejusice as the area is sacred to those who work upon its soil.At the heart of the complex is the real draw – the arena! A stadium of chiselled stones, overgrown grass, and laced vines embodies the wild of the aerial Timber Fists and the resilient Cold Bloods. Some of the greatest matches to date have taken place within the confinef of their ring. Trihorn – the Jurassic superstar – debuted here, whilst Shamblefist still trains outside for the public to see.

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