The Thousands Faces Cult

Again the stupidity of the Gods, again their uncontained greed for power and knowledge.

The failure that gave origin to the Not-Alive, gave also new forms of live, but this time mutated and twisted variations of those men that dwelled in the region where all went wrong.

Thousands of islands, all of them mutilated leftovers of a continent, inhabited by undefined beings, full of power, over flown, drunk, rejected at the very end... And all united by the same... God? Gods?

Who knows...After the destruction of the continent these lands got filled by strange geofaciei, stones not bigger than a hand, twisted in the form of faces of people that suffer, cry, laugh and scream. They collect them, put them in groups, bring them together forming altars, and they adore them, sing and prey, and channel thru them the magic that destroy their bodies.... They, the Thousand Faces Cult.

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