Titan Legions

Imperial Titans are the colossal god-machines of the Adeptus Mechanicus's Collegia Titanica. The Imperium's Titans are mechanical, humanoid-shaped war-machines; some Titan classes reaching up to a hundred feet in height. Their presence inspires nothing but terror - few enemies can stand against them - and only another Titan can equal their power. It is thought that the first Titans were developed on Mars during the Age of Strife in order to combat the Cy-Carnivora.
Titans are powered by plasma generators, as nothing else can provide the vast amount of energy required. Energy fields known as void shields are the Imperial Titan's first line of defense. The shields can absorb incoming damage until becoming overloaded. A Titan's limbs move using electrically-motivated fibre bundles which act as synthetic muscles.
Each Titan is manned by a crew consisting of a single Princeps in command, assisted by Moderati, a Tactical Officer, a Chief Engineer, an engineering crew, and Servitors. The number of each is dependent on the type of Titan.
Titans are divided into a number of general types depending on their size and function.

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