The Trollbloods represent a loose alliance between a variety of formerly scattered and disparate tribal communities. They were forced to band together to survive in the face of humanity’s quickly escalating wars. Trollkin tribes, called kriels, have deep roots in western Immoren, where they have built homes in several wilderness regions the human nations had deemed of little interest. Trollkin are not strangers to human cities, as a number of these robust and hardy people work and live alongside mankind, but the majority remain in the wild, wary of humanity after a long history of frequent struggles, broken promises, and mutual bloodshed.

Recent wars between the human nations of Khador and Cygnar had a particularly disruptive influence on the large number of trollkin who once lived in the dense Thornwood Forest. Because of the forest’s location these kriels found themselves directly in the middle of border fighting between the two implacable and bitter rival nations. Making things worse, Cryxian abominations soon entered the fray, absorbing the fallen dead to bolster their own numbers. The trollkin looked to one of their great leaders, the chieftain Madrak Ironhide, to unite them and save their race. Madrak reluctantly took up a cursed weapon of last resort, an ancient axe named Rathrok, or “World Ender,” in the hopes that its power would preserve his people and their way of life.

Since that decision the trollkin have been embroiled in a series of desperate struggles. Driven from the Thornwood they find no safety anywhere they travel and must continue to search for a proper home. They fight for their mates and young and to preserve their society against an endless series of horrors and setbacks. Yet every challenge only strengthens their resolve and encourages the warrior spirit that persists in the very blood and bones of this brave people. They refuse to break under the pressure and fight tooth and nail for their right to a better life. A number of great leaders and heroes have arisen from the scattered kriels as Madrak Ironhide has attracted supporters from as far away as the Scarsfell Forest of northern Khador and the Gnarls of western Cygnar.

The trollkin are not alone in their struggles. Their species has long been able to call on full-blood trolls to fight in their battles. These great creatures are seen by humanity as monsters, yet they will heed the commands of trollkin warlocks. Individuals like Madrak and his greatest ally and rival, the shaman Hoarluk Doomshaper, can connect to the minds of full-blood trolls and call them to battle. These creatures possess strength and regenerative powers passed down by the mother-goddess Dhunia and thereby can endure punishment that would annihilate any other living creature. In return for this vitality, full-blood trolls are driven by endless hunger. This need to feast makes trolls difficult to control but also fearsome adversaries. Together with their troll allies, trollkin warlocks and champions are ready to stand their ground against any army that dares threaten them.

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