Beyond the Gates Of Antares

Humanity has spread throughout space, to new worlds and distant galaxies, to places and realities undreamt of by our distant ancestors. Interplanetary civilisations have flourished and fallen six times over, collapsing and rising anew over countless centuries. Humankind’s first home – the planet Earth –was destroyed long ago during the forgotten wars of the Prime Imperia. Of humanity’s early history, the colonisation of space, and evolution into numerous and diverse species, little is now remembered. Today is the The Seventh Age: the last and greatest age of humankind.

Antarean Space

No one knows for sure how many worlds are home to humans and the new species evolved from humans–the diverse race of homo pansapiens or pans. Countless free and independent worlds are home to their own human populations. Other worlds are part of larger inter-stellar societies. These widely scattered planets are all connected by means of a vast and intricate network of spacial wormholes. These wormholes make space travel practical, facilitating trade, communication and governance over enormous inter-galactic distances. All known wormholes intersect at one huge nexus, a colossal inter-dimensional machine that we recognise as the star Antares. In reality Antares is no ordinary star, but a construct of the archaic and long-vanished race known as the Builders. It is from this unimaginably huge machine that we derive the description Antarean Space – encompassing all the many worlds connected by the Antares wormhole network.

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New Miniatures from Beyond the Gates Of Antares