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Hell Dorado is a tabletop skirmish game set in the depths of Hell itself, during the mid-17th Century. The forces of mankind from across Europe, the Middle-East, and East Asia have delved deep into the under realms of Lucifer and his Demons in order to achieve their own nefarious agendas. As the player, you take control of a company of warriors intent on fulfilling your mission, sent to you by your masters. This mission could be collecting valuable resources for the Catholic Church, or marshaling your demonic host to defend an important route from the invaders. Highly-detailed miniatures and dangerously maddening terrain make for a glorious looking game that can take an hour or two to play out, depending on the size of the forces you choose to lay down.We invite you to learn more about Hell Dorado by reading through the various articles that are upcoming on this site.


In the year 1631, in the final years of the 30 Years War, the Catholic Soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire discovered a portal near the German town of Magdeberg, a site where 25,000 people were massacred following a brutal siege. The first men sent to investigate this portal were never heard from again. It was only after larger exploration of the site was mounted that the rulers of Europe discovered what had been stumbled upon. A gateway below. A gateway into Hell. Now the armies of Europe have united, with Catholics and Protestants alike have descending into this new frontier, in search of wealth, power, and glory. Though the Demons of Hell would prove powerful, their own fractious nature would make them susceptible to the combined might of the Western armies. But they are not alone. Unbeknownst to the early Western explorers, Hell is a depth that had been plumbed before, and the Saracens of The Ottoman Empire and the Immortals of China are not content to share their secret sources of power. Westerners, Saracens, Demons, Immortals, the Lost, and countless Mercenaries will now meet one another in battle over the resources and influence of Hell. But in Hell, your opponent is not your only enemy – the very land itself seeks to torment its denizens!

You can find additional information on the background of Hell Dorado in the Inferno expansion book here.


Hell Dorado is a tactical skirmish game for two players. Players activate their models in a dynamic, non-linear fashion as they vie for dominance. Models are either independent or troopers that work together in units to improve their effectiveness. Seventeenth-Century weaponry provides the models with powerful ranged weapons and brutal melee attacks.Central to Hell Dorado’s gameplay experience is the use of command points. Most models bring with them some number of command points that contribute to your army’s overall pool. Command must be spent for a variety of reasons, and how and where you use your command will play a major part in your overall strategy. By using these command points, your commander model can give a variety of orders, some common to all armies and some unique, but as models with command stats are eliminated, those command points are permanently lost with them, leaving you with fewer and fewer resources as the game progresses.

Hell Dorado is played with only five 6-sided dice, making it simple to keep track of number of successes. Many abilities in the game provide the player with opportunities to re-roll failures, or force opponents to re-roll their successes. Maximum level of success is always known, enabling the player to make informed choices about the effectiveness of one model against another model, while keeping an element of randomness that enables the game to stay exciting.


Hell Dorado features detailed and unique sculpts that will feature prominently in any showcase. Advanced painters will find a number of challenging features to really put their skills to the test, while novice painters will find that the level of sculpted detail will make their model stand out with even a basic paint job. Hell Dorado miniatures are all metal and cast to exacting standards to ensure the highest level of detail. These models are sure to stand out in your miniature cases and on the battlefield!


Your opponent is not your only adversary in Hell Dorado. Doing battle in the infernal depths means that the very landscape can be either a deadly enemy, or capricious ally. Whether its a rain of sulfur or a sudden and fortunate eruption of demonic worms consuming enemy units, the board in Hell Dorado presents players with an experience unlike any other.
If you are new to tabletop wargaming, or a seasoned veteran stay on the lookout for more articles in this series detailing both beginner and advanced terrain techniques that you can apply to your own terrain.

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Hell Dorado Miniature Skirmish Game: Inferno Expansion
Inferno is the new Hell Dorado miniature skirmish game expansion book loaded with new characters, scenarios, and story.
Setting: Fantasy
February 2013, Longview, WA, US

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