Mythic Americas

For an eternity two opposing forces-The Everliving and the Everchanging, as ordained by The One, have been pushing against each other on uncountable battlefields so as to maintain Balance in all existence. Balance is never eternal. It ebbs and flows, and it eventually ceases to exist. It is then, that an era comes to an end and a new one will begin. At this time an event takes place at the heart of the universe, The Crux: The place where all universes and dimensions meet, and the center of all that is, has been and will ever be.

During the timeline of Mythic Americas: Warlords of Erehwon, and era is coming to its predestined end. This is the Way.

Here on Earth, the One has also created The Ruling Children, or simply, The Children. The Children have come in many forms in the past. Today we humans are the Children. As today’s Ruling Children, our only role The One has given us, is to help maintain the Balance…or perhaps (no one really knows) to unbalance it. This is the Way.

The Children (as mortal creatures) are as unpredictable as the wind, and regularly choose sides in the eternal struggle between the Everliving and the Everchanging on the whims of convenience or the dictates of mysterious prophecies. The Children do not yet know what the fate of all will be, in the current battle to restore the Balance mandated by the One. The end is uncertain. One thing the wise Soul Walkers amongst the Children do know is that resetting the Balance will mean the extinction of The Ruling Children, and that only the Seed Children will remain. This is the Way.

In Mythic Americas, conflict rages across vast expanses of varied and imposing terrain. Mighty beasts of nature and magic-driven monstrosities clash against creatures from the Children’s worst nightmares. Death, and destruction spreads across all the lands; be they unending deserts, suffocating jungles, cloud covered mesas, or vast cities. This is the Way.

For many of the Children, holy Earth is revered. To generations of the Children, holy Earth has been known as the Sacred Turtle, or Mother Turtle. For a large portion of the Children, Mother Turtle is not the nurturing center of all life on Earth, meant to be protected so as to maintain the One’s ordained Balance, but a plaything meant only to provide resources to build ever-growing cities and empires. Rich empires led by Children with an insatiable appetite for her sacred minerals and riches. This is the Way.

All of these mythic events are happening on a vast and varied landmass with a shared name; America. Welcome to Mythic Americas. Will you find a way to restore the Balance…or choose to destroy it and crush all of those who stand in the way of your gods-given mission to build an all powerful empire?

The Way. Is about maintaining the Balance. The Everliving, Everchanging, The Children, all seek to maintain and disturb the Balance…as The One has wished it to be. The Way is life, death, a way to live and bring death. It is all that was, is and will ever be. The Way is a journey And the destination. Balance is The Way. Unbalance is The Way.

This is the Way.

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