Warcanto is a skirmish wargame, that brings new ideas to the fantasy battlefields. Crucial role of the warband leader and sophisticated rules of his development, together with alternating sequence of operating warriors and enhanced system of interaction with terrain features, make Warcanto an innovative way of enjoying the fantasy game with other fantasy enthusiasts. All of that taking place in Duæl - classical dark fantasy world created and developed by Dwarf Tales Team.

Novel system of issuing orders and heroes' experience trees introduce the elements of RPG into the fantasy miniatures game, ideal for playing single battles as well as the whole campaigns. Now you can make a truly unique hero, that fully represents your own approach to battle and tactical intuition. Complex experience trees, different for each race, give you the possibility to create unyelding fighters, respectful commanders, stealthy sentinels, expert marksmans and many more. Warcanto brings you right into Greatland - huge continent, which have witnessed many glorious victories and shameful defeats over the millennia. Here you can experience the eternal conflicts between different powers that have been trying to seize Duæl and conquer its nations since the beginning of time. Dwarf Tales Team proudly presents the fully playable game with three distinct races - proud Dwarves, mystical Lidds and nomadic Org'kka.

Here you will find all information required to play Warcanto and enjoy the world of Duæl, both still being developed and improved in order to supply you with balanced and demanding game.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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