Gremlin Warband

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This FREE set of miniatures contains 20 models of our Gremlin Warband. These models are available both Presupported for Resin Machines and unsupported for your own supports. The Gremlins of Aach'yn are nasty little buggers. The natural enemies of the Dwarves with whom they compete for techno-magical mastery. They can be found all over the world and the Sky Islands beyond in settlements, workshops, and solar skiffs.

These models were sculpted by Nasos Maloudis from 2018 to 2020. We've been teasing them to our patrons for a long time, promising 3, 4, sometimes as many as 10 of these would eventually come. Nasos finished 20 of them for the end of 2020. Robson Scerri, a friend of Aether Studios, took the initiative to make them resin print ready as a gift to the community.

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