Seraphim: Short Wall

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Shortwall Seraphim is a 3d printable set of dungeon terrain featuring lower than normal walls. Shorter height walls are always a popular and economically friendly option for getting more terrain for your gaming funds, and these walls continue that tradition.

The Seraphim line of 3D-printable Angelic terrain will be featured in our World of Aach’yn module series as the home of Heroticus. Heroticus is the most active deity on Aach’yn and his domain is literally “kicking ass” as in he or his angels will show up when there is a good fight about to happen, or if a good fight needs to be happening.

This expansion set includes walls, corners, and corridors that are only half the usual height. They can be used for better visibility and easier reach when you have a large map on the tabletop.


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