Gods Of Aach'yn - Turu The Shellfather

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Turu is the Shellfather of all turtle-kind and is a generally a friendly deity to those who respect his many children. Turu is not the largest or strongest god, but he is quite possibly the oldest. The children of Turu who reach the size of their father are few, generally dying of heart break. The loss of a favorite dwelling, water, or food source can be deadly to those who grow attached to the physical realm. All Turu larger than “medium” are essentially immortal, they can shed their physical shells for astral shells in Deepmurk, a fey plane of swamp and water. All children of Turu, even the smallest shelled, are empowered to sense the danger of each other across long distances, and will swarm to defend. Turtle meat is a rare delicacy considering the danger that comes with harming a child of Turu. The great Shellfather himself has been known to step into an aethereal shell to defend his children hundreds of miles away.

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