Aach'yn Adventures - Gelatinous Stool

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This set, Gelatinous Stool, is a hilarious take on a classic foe by our co-founder Colin Christenson. Colin has been working on amazing ideas for years, and is the creator of the Sky Islands campaign that makes up the horizon of the World of Aach'yn. When he announced he was working on a Sky Islands sewer, I mentioned to him that all who worked on them before had produced a "turd" asset for us to use in other projects. Since one never knows when one needs a loaf of human excrement and since Colin is a paragon of support, he dropped this deuce of legend.


Sized at 50mm, this foe is large enough to consume a player for what is surely to be the most shameful and stinky of experiences. Size him up for TPKs that ensure you wont be asked to DM again anytime soon.


Many thanks to Jim Johnson for the print, paint, and picture used for the cover. Check out more of our free sets right here.

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