Ks4Pnk10 – Rdaf Audacity

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The Audacity is the Royal Dwarven Air Force warship currently assigned to lead the Pankhurst campaign. She is a fast and deadly battlecruiser, equally able to chase and fight. Her design integrates a large number of automatic cannons, and can fight with as few as a three soul crew.

There is a bloodsoaked campaign is currently being waged above and below the Sky Island of Belaria. This massive sky island houses part of the Aethertowne metropolis at the peak. But much lower down the island rests the industrial city of Pankhurst. Her mines supply the crystals running the many sky ships above and below the clouds. The Mugdal Goblins of the Greaseskin Tribe are currently leading the charge against the humans, elves, and dwarves of Pankhurst. The citizens, miners, and soldiers demand an end to the dangerous and explosive mining methods of the goblins. War rages! Hear the call of Battle! Charge!!


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