Gryphkin of the Eye Cult - Patreon August 2020 release

Once a cult of humans, the Gryphkins are the legendary people of the sky, often living in sacred or unholy place far away from the rest of the world. Their appearance and skill depends on where their eggs had been laid. The noble High-Gryphkin of the Cult of the Eye protects the Eye of Tialevor from the lust of sorcerers and Kings on the peak of the Wyvern Mountains. The eggs laid in the realms of mortals generate wingless Gryphkin, smaller, but skilled in the art of shadow manipulation, espionage and murder. In the Cult of the Eye both forms are essential to keep the Eye safe and at the same time protect the world from its endless corruption, but It would seem that the evil influence of the Eye has slowly turned his jailers into his... thralls.

The High-Gryphkin comes with and without Wings socket, and they are all compatible with a triangular joint system. On top, the selection of weapons that are compatible with the balljoint system used on all the "modular" models wrist connection.

Gufaar the Librarian (modular)

Many years studying the effects of corruption from the Eye have slowly transformed Gufaar, Librarian and keeper of knowledge to the great eye shrine on the peak of the Wyvern Mountains, in a corrupted and powerful being. Due to the influence of his dark patron, his Animant practices have gone beyond all points of redemption, as well as his power.

Malor - Eye Guardian (modular)

Towering High-Gryphkin from the shiny armor and immeasurable valor, Malor is a legendary weaponmaster who ultimately guards the Eye relic in it's sacrarium. Bound to an ancient oath, it is impossible to separate it from the Eye or to distract it from its task. Anyone who wants to reach the Eye of Tialevor and even only admire it closely must measure themselves against the wrath of Malor.

Gryphinia the Enchantress (Fantasy Pinup)

Powerful and lustful enchantress, Gryphinia was the one who handed her tribe to the influence of Tialevor. By guarding his powerful Artifact, her wicked plan was to stop the Tyrant-God's corruption and betray him, but it did not take many years before the Eye of Tialevor turned the whole cult into thralls. At the price of being forever bound to protect the evil phylactery, in fact, his tribe gained extraordinary magical powers, the ability to fly, and eternal life.

The Legendary Arcanix and Mounted Malor (Mounted Hero & Beast)

The relationship between the Eye-Cult Gryphkins and the evil artifact itself is symbiotic, adverse and intricate. To protect the world from its never-ending corruption, Phoenix Eggs are laid near the Eye of Tialevor from the Gryph people. These mysterious eggs, capable of absorbing its evil, hatch giving rise to corrupt Arcanix: Phoenixes that burn with a dark flame. These legendary immortal beasts feed on Wyverns that infest these peaks, and come to the aid of the Gryphkin if necessary.

Arcanix, which is more like an Epic Boss than a regular mount, feature two bodies (with and without Saddle) and two head, regular and corrupted, with horns and such. Use the regular head if you need a pure Phoenix or majestic bird.

The Eye of Tialevor (terrain)

When the cataclysm struck the Scourgelands, Tialevor the Tyrant-God decided to pour part of his essence into a powerful phylactery, sacrificing his third eye. This powerful artifact, transformed over the years into a huge arcane crystal, is a source of infinite corruption capable of giving divine powers to those who are able to use it. But the true purpose of this evil artifact is to let the Tyrant-God to rise again if his body were to be destroyed, and for this reason it is protected on the peak of the Wyvern Mountains by an ancient and cursed species, the Gryphkins, that has entered into a pact with him.

Scale As always the release scale is 32mm (for the avarage human), High-Gryphkin are a bit taller, while Infiltrator Gryphkins are a bit shorter. People who play at 28mm scale usually scale down our models to 90%, but we encourage you to test them at full size. 32mm It's becoming pretty common and it gives better result on 3d print!

Modular Models Our regular models and heroes are balljointed wrist miniatures with various weapon options, perfect to create your custom hero, your Wargame warband/army or your perfect rpg encounter. You can mix most of the parts with our previous releases! We prefer to give you each month the tools to make your perfect models, no need to make clones and clones with the only difference being a weapon.

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