Faldorn Goblin - A (Faldorn Goblins)

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This set contains:

- 1 Highly Detailed Faldorn Goblin.
- Interchangeable weapons shown in the pictures.
- 1 Custom Base.


*All STLs are professionally supported, and an unsupported version is also included.
*All characters come with modular articulation system, so you can customize your models and choose from various weapons and hands to make your perfect hero, warband, guild or RPG encounter.



Faldorn Goblins

The treacherous Goblins are a race of vicious creatures with long noses and arms, but short, ungainly, and hunchbacked, cousins of the taller hobgoblins and greatgoblins.

The Goblins of the Faldorn Forests prey on caravans moving goods between Skutagaard and Rotvar, ambushing in large hordes with spears, bows and swords, often accompanied by monstrous giant spiders. Without the iron fist of a Chieftain, a horde of Goblins is prone to snapping at each other.

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