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Presupported and features various interchangeable parts : Comes with two main Cannons, DoubleBolter and DoubleLaser, or that part can have large TopHatch instead. On it's sides a HeavyBolter or a CommsRelay and there is an option for a shooter ("evil" and "good" versions included). It has detachable front and back RamBumpers, side doors/hatches and a front hatch. It can be held up by smoke coming out of exausts or a special Atlan Base.

For the rest of the parts see the assembly pictures.

Stegodon has kitbashing capatibilities through the roof:

(All the Main and Shoulder Weapons released with previous Dreadnoughts, Dinos and Chariots can be mounted onto the Stegodon, and vice versa.)

(Vehicle Ornaments (including most doors/hatches) released so far (and in the future) can be used on the Stegodon.)


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Private Use Only
Non Commercial
No Derivatives

NOTE: Do not under any circumstances share these files for free or commercially!

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