The Trolls Character Bundle - Ruins Of Guardia: The Trolls

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8 different and exclusive troll miniatures, featured in the Ruins of Guardia: The Trolls campaign:

WO'LAL, the Trickster - Precise ranged attacks, extra agile, good evasion of melee attacks, professional liar.

RID'IR, the Animal - Blood rage, won't disengage until the fight is over, fearless, extra fast

RAKASH, the Leader - A natural leader, hates dwarves, punishes subordinates who don't follow orders, extra strong/fast

ZEBAJIN, the Nosy Troll Guard - Stubborn at following orders, a good prison or camp guard, will smell you from afar, will put his nose where it doesn't belong

MA'ZUN, the Cutthroat - Heals by drinking human blood, deadly strike, stealthy

ZULGEBO, the Shaman - Conjures black magic, true sight, healing chants, crushing blow

ZULABAR: the Scum - Brutish strength, extra cruel, will eat his enemy alive, always hungry

ROS'GO, the Brute - Crushing blow, extra strong, juggernaut, won't take orders, always in a bad, bad mood



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