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It's the combination of the TAVERN and TAVERN FOOD releases from my Patreon/Tribe, where you can embark on an unforgettable journey in search of your new scenery items!



Combine a bar area of any shape you want with this fully modular set!

It includes a middle piece, inner and outer corners, an openable and rotating hatch for your bartenders to use, top bar posts with hooks to place the tankards on, a closing piece you can attach to the ends of the bar, and a stool. Plus a bar counter from my HERO SHOP release that you can use alongside it. Check out the rest of furniture models from it, as they will fit nicely with this mini set!

Bar pieces have special connections that allow you to attach them to each other in an unlimited amount of ways, and create any shape of bar that you desire, filling any room of your choice.


Different variations of ale kegs and wine barrels (open and closed), together with a wine rack to fill with provided wine bottles, and a standing barrel rack you can combine with little kegs and barrels.

Each of the ale kegs has a removable tap that can be inserted at your preferred depth or replaced with your own tap. Try making a leaking barrel by creating a scene with acrylic wine sprouting out of the tap hole!


A set of drinks to serve in your little tavern! Variations of wine bottles, plain and wicker, moonshine, champagne, whisky set with a beautiful decanter shaped as a female body, swirled glasses and a regular whisky bottle for those who prefer a more simple look. New tankards, empty and with beer (inluding a mini tankard that fits extremely well on the hooks of the bar top). And a set of cocktails to spice up the evening: Absinth (Green Fairy), Pina Colada, Lady Rose, Grapefruit Sunrise, Screwdriver and, of course, Martini! And if you enjoy meshmixing, you will find empty glasses together with small bits that you can use to create your own cocktails and print them yourselves!

(Please remember that those tiny bits, like little pieces of fruits, are offered in a very small scale to fit well inside the glasses, and they should not be printed separately without scaling them up)

4. TAVERN FOOD, Part 1

SNACKS (12): chip, tortilla chip, peanut, pistachio, pretzels (salted & unsalted), empty snack bowl, bowl of peanuts, bowl of pistachios, snack platter, plate of nachos, plate of chips.

MEALS & FAST FOOD (24): 2 sausages, avocados, bean, full english breakfast, sandwich, fries, nuggets, onion rights (including singular ones), hot dogs with and without the sauce, taco, salami pizza slice, plates of fries, nuggets and onion rings, combined deep fried plate, plate of tacos, mexican platter (tacos, tortillas and a dip), and an empty plate.

5. TAVERN FOOD, Part 2

BREAKFAST EGGS: Full, Half, and two in the egg holders.

VEGETABLES: Tomatoes (regular and with a stem and leaves), Potato, Baked Potato, Potato Wedge.

MEAT & FISH: Burger, Shrimp, Salmon Steak, Rib & Ribs Cut.

DISHES: Ketchup (or any other sauce dip) in a mini dip bowl, Eggs Plate, Tomato Soup, Fish n Chips, Salmon Platter with Potatoes, Lettuce and Lemon Slices, Burger Plate with Sauce & Fries, and a Ribs Platter with Potatoes.

SKEWERS: Grilled Sausages, Shrimps, Meat and a Shashlik with Meat & Red Peppers!

6. TAVERN FOOD, Part 3

FOOD: Turkey, Chicken Wing, Steak, Champignon, Fish (one side with scales and another without, for double use) & three plates: Fish with Potato Wedges (medieval version of fish & chips), Steak Plate with Mushrooms, Potatoes, Tomato & Herbs and Steak with French Fries.

TABLES: Two new tavern tables for your collection! One is a vertical round table with an insert to hold the plates in the centre, and another one as a new version of the regular table, but with new wooden texture and a hidden compartment made out of half the barrel to store something inside!

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