Elmore Dragons Set # 1 - Green Dragon

Painted by Susan Wachowksi

Painted, Metal, and Green pics of the full dragon are shown below. Susan Wachowski is really known for her Dragon painting skills. She took a Demon with one of her GW Dragons. She went wild with this set as you can see! And yes, we must give a shout out to her hubby Art for the color advice in painting this Dragon up. Art is a paint chemist and he can size stuff up on colors quicker than he can recite the entire WarMachine army list! And that's fast for those of you who have heard Art talking WarMachine....We now have a version from Dirk in Germany and Peter Lee posted below as well.

I have received many questions on the size of our dragons so here are the dimensions:

Length: 8.25 inches (or 208mm), Height: 7 inches (or 176mm), Weight: 1.20 pounds of pewter

Please note, the length of the dragon will vary depending on how much you bend the tail for dramatic effect.

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