M6 Autonomous Turret

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The M6 Autonomous Turret is a standard sight on the bases and outposts of the Concordian Starborne. Possessed of a simple yet effective set of programming, the M6 is capable of aquiring and responding to targets with incredible speed, making it a potent defense against enemy air attack. In some cases alternate weaponry systems have been mounted on it to allow it to serve in other roles, such anti-infantry or anti-armor. Either way, its shiny lenses, soft beeps, and ever present weaponry are a comfort to those that serve near them.


- This set comes with four different interchangeable weaponry systems, allowing it to serve whatever role you desire.

--- This set comes with both supported and unsupported versions, making sure that we'll get you on the battlefield quickly! Additionally, the .lys files are provided, allowing your to optimize the supports for your specific machine.

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