Greek Temple And Ruins - Tartarus Unchained

In January, Ancient gods will rise to fight.. Classical Greek scenery, figures and objects, coming at Gadgetworks!

Large round modular Greek temple set, based on the ruins at Delphi! Comes in both complete and ruined versions, and parts can be used to assemble into almost any temple design.

16 STL files (all provided in two sizes, based on 90 or 120mm tall columns) making up a round temple base with pool, collonade and ornate pediments.

1 column 

7 ruined columns

3 variations of base section (18 needed for full circle)

pillar capstone and curved pediment.

broken capstone and 2 ruined pediments

Design size columns are 90 or 120mm tall, but can be printed at any scale.

Part of gadgetworks January 2022 release, 'Tartarus Unchained' 

Intended for 32mm scale printing on FDM and resin printers. Can be scaled up for large scale printing. All models are test printed. All parts can be printed support free.

Visit us at for more historical and fantasy models to print.


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