Warhammer: Sigmar's Blood

Sigmar's Blood is a campaign supplement for Warhammer based on the war between the forces of The Empire, led by Volkmar the Grim, and those of the Vampire Counts, led by Mannfred von Carstein.

This 64-page, full colour, hardback book contains:

·    Brand new background revealing Mannfred von Carstein’s fiendish plan to turn Sylvania into a realm of everlasting night.
·    Four new narrative scenarios that can be played in order to follow the events of the story.
·    Rules for playing games in the haunted darkness.
·    Extra abilities your characters can earn as a result of fighting in the campaign.
·    A showcase of expertly painted Citadel miniatures that feature in the campaign.

You will need a copy of the Warhammer rulebook and relevant army books in order to use the contents of this book.

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