Warhammer: Thanquol (eBook)

As the armies of Chaos spill down from the north in a tide of blood and fire, the skaven are at last ready to unleash their invasion of the surface realms. Vast armies of chittering ratmen scurry forth from the darkness, bursting out into the wan light of day, their beady eyes hungry for blood. The realms of man, the holds of the dwarfs and the ancient temple-cities of the lizardmen are the first to feel the wrath of the Horned Rat’s children. However, the fractious skaven are ever their own worst enemy, and plots and schemes abound among their leaders. Meanwhile, the grey seer Thanquol sets in motion his plans for ultimate domination, making dark bargains and deadly pacts that will have unforeseen consequences…

Warhammer: Thanquol continues the epic tale of the End Times, following the twisting plots of the skaven and their conquest of the surface world. Covering the complex machinations and insidious schemes of the followers of the Great Horned Rat, this book presents new armies, villains and heroes. Inside you will find rules for mighty characters like Thanquol and his gigantic bodyguard Boneripper, the dread Verminlords and the empowered dwarf slayer king Ungrim, Incarnate of Fire. Also included are new campaign rules and a collection of narrative missions that allow you to fight your way through the End Times in your own games of Warhammer.

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