Warhammer Battle Magic – Lore of Undeath (eBook Edition)

Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead, has returned, and in his wake the dead stir uneasily within their graves. These are the End Times, and as the final days approach a howling gale of death magic sweeps the world, allowing ancient magicks and dark sorceries to be unleashed upon the living. Tempted by a swift path to power, or desperate to protect themselves in these dark times, wizards of all races harness these abundant energies; with whispered commands they urge the dead from their slumber, calling forth the might of the Undead Legions.

Warhammer Battle Magic – Lore of Undeath is a new spell lore for Warhammer, enabling you to harness the terrible power unleashed by the return of Nagash. These spells can be used by any wizard, allowing every player to bring the fell might of the undead to their army, as well the ability to summon the dreaded Morghasts. This digital edition allows you the ease of quickly referencing your magic on your eReader even in the heat of battle!

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