Retributor Squad

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Retributors are armed with the Order’s heaviest weaponry. Believing that the Emperor himself guides their aim, these Sisters annihilate the Ecclesiarchy’s foes with overwhelming firepower. Retributors are commonly armed with heavy bolters to provide long-ranged support to squads of Battle Sisters. However, in the close confines of urban warfare, Retributors prefer to rely upon heavy flamers, unleashing searing infernos that burn their opponents and reduce them to charred corpses. Retributors are also adept at wielding multi-meltas, whose thermal blasts can reduce the mightiest of battle tanks to slag.

The Retributor Squad consists of 1 Sisters of Battle Superior with Power Sword and Bolter, 4 Battle Sisters with Multi-Melta and 1 Battle Sister Squad Upgrade. Supplied with 5 Citadel 25mm Round bases.

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